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We are proud to announce the 2020 merger of Rosen Dental Consulting, LLC, a division of Rosen & Associates, LLP, directed by Summit Dental Partners, LLC, directed by Nancy Kagan. Our new company, Rosen Summit Dental Advisors, LLC, was created to better serve our clients and provide a more comprehensive resource for all aspects of your dental practice.

With the help of our highly experienced team, this partnership will allow us to provide you with a full suite of services so we can assist you from the initial booking of an appointment, to the collecting of the final bill, and everything in between.

Rosen Summit Dental Advisors, LLC is putting our vision of working with your office into practice by creating two main divisions to best serve your needs: In-Office Practice Management Consulting (also known as Field Operations) and Outsourcing.

Our Practice Management Consulting division focuses on the main aspects of every practice: Day-to-Day Operations, (both clinical and non-clinical), Marketing, Human Resources, Facility Management, Finance, Training, and Compliance. Our team can be there to help with both short-term compliance projects due to COVID-19, long term operational management issues, or any other part of the practice that will help you run your office more efficiently, safely, and profitably.

Our Outsourcing division manages the overall insurance and collection protocols of the dental office. Our team is responsible for your Accounts Receivable, Outstanding Insurance Claims and Insurance Payment Posting. This service will ensure that your systems are set up properly and accurately to help your practice collect every dollar possible. Should you add an associate or start a new practice, let our experts manage the insurance credentialing process for you.

We are very excited to share this news with you and embark on this new journey together.

Our Team

Nancy Kagan

Nancy Kagan is a fixer. Give her a problem and watch it disappear. By nature, Nancy is a positive and dynamic person passionate about making a difference. She has natural leadership skills and a desire to build strong and productive businesses. She truly believes that success comes organically when individuals and teams are given the tools they need to succeed and grow. Nancy’s entrepreneurial experience in creating and running three companies over her career made her a perfect fit for owning and leading Rosen Summit Dental Advisors.


Meet our Business and Consulting Team who are joined by over 20 Outsourcing Specialists

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